Raising Accountable, Capable Young People™️

Guiding young people in today’s self-indulgent, entitled, and materialistic world isn’t easy. It’s never been more important to instill accountability and capability early on so kids will grow into adults capable of facing life with self-reliance and a commitment to serve society.

In this session, you’ll gain insights and tools to help you with the challenging and important work of influencing children in this rapidly changing world.

  • Learn to balance support and demands by nurturing accountability in young people.
  • Discover how to instill an accountable mindset in youth – a commitment to full citizenship instead of consumerism.
  • Learn to lead young people with a new understanding of rights, responsibilities, and contributions.
  • Understand how you can have a more positive, productive impact by clarifying accountability – yours and theirs.

With over 20 years of experience as a family therapist and youth leader (and as a parent), I understand the importance of raising responsible, resourceful, and resilient children who treat themselves and others with dignity and respect. You’ll leave with a new awareness of your role in influencing and guiding young people and get practical tools for reaching children – of any age.

This session is also available as a virtual presentation.


“David made an immediate impression with all our district leaders, and it was evident that he had spent time researching our organization. Never have we had such positive feedback about a keynote speaker. David’s message was current and was exactly what the team needed.” – Richard Svoboda, Superintendent, Human Resources, Calgary Catholic School District